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This Weekend's Night Sky

25-27 April 2014

The Moon is past last quarter and will be visible in the morning sky before sunrise.

In our evening sky Orion can be seen lying on in his side in the west after sunset and will have set by midnight.

The two dogs, Canis Major and Minor follow Orion across the sky.

Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System is in the north-east after sunset and is the brightest object in our evening sky.

Mars is now high in the North and Saturn can be seen rising in the north-east as yellow ‘star’.

Scorpius is now above the horizon in the south-east after sunset and will be overhead before sunrise. The red star Antares marks the Scorpions heart. To Māori  it is Rehua meaning the ‘fiery one’ due its colour resembling that of an ember.

In the south are The Pointers and Crux, the Southern Cross, higher up and almost are the Diamond and False Crosses. They all sit in, or beside the Milky Way.

Venus, the brilliant ‘Morning Star’ will rise in the east around 4:00 am.

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