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Fill your Head with Space Campaign

This page outlines a recent campaign run during February and March 2013.  It's still really interesting which is why we've left the information here for your enjoyment.


Clemengers BBDO, a local advertising company, visited the team at Carter and asked how they could help us. 

One of our challenges is keeping Carter Observatory front of mind AFTER the Christmas holidays as people return to work.  Signage showing visitors the way to Carter in the myriad of paths at the top of the Botanic Garden is also an issue.

This is the idea that the team at Clemengers came up with.  We've been working with them to develop this innovative campaign.


Carter Observatory wants to fill your head with space.

Take a bunch of people, put them in a state of the art planetarium, wire their heads up to Wellington Hospital's high-tech EEG brain scanning machine, and turn on the stars. What do you get? 

As Carter Observatory’s new advertising campaign illustrates, something quite extraordinary.

Brain wave of advertising agency Clemenger BBDO, the campaign aims to get more Wellingtonians visiting the observatory at the top of Wellington’s cable car.

Says Clemenger's Executive Creative Director Philip Andrew, "Carter is one of Wellington's best attractions. But, as is often the case with the things in your own backyard, Wellingtonians forget it's there. We wanted to get them excited enough to get up the hill.

It wasn’t too big of a stretch; anybody who watches the planetarium shows has their mind blown. We just had to think of a way to capture that."

As suspected, the test subjects’ EEG scan results were remarkable. Stimulated brain activity showed up as colourful clouds strongly resembling the galaxies they were gazing up at.

Carter Observatory’s Marketing Manager Dawn Muir says, “It’s easy to forget the bigger picture in the business of our daily lives.  We know Carter offers a bit of relief from that, and inspires people to see their world a bit differently.  We want to share that message with Wellingtonians and visitors.

We are extremely grateful to Clemenger BBDO for their commitment to Wellington and their enthusiasm to help us out with this truly innovative campaign”.

We also want to acknowledge the wonderful EEG techinicians at Wellington Hopsital's neurology unit.  Without their willingess to take precious time out of their very busy days, we wouldn't have got there.  You guys rock!

If you'd like to fill your head with space, Carter Observatory is open daily from 10am with late nights on Tuesdays and Saturdays. For more information visit


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