Astronomy and why people love it

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Astronomy and why people love it

What can we say about astronomy that you can’t find on numerous forums and sites? Well, the answer is nothing and everything. Astronomy has captivated humans since the early ages of our existence. Some view it as a hobby, while others see it as an occupation. The premise is same, to look at something so big and so vast and to try to find something even more beautiful than the last thing you found. We, as humans, were born with the drive and the need for exploration. While some go into nature and they are satisfied, others look towards the sky and the stars in it.

We could take a scientific approach to this subject and talk about various scientific revelations that came with the progress of astronomy. But we won’t bore you with things you don’t want to read. We will approach astronomy from an angle that satisfies everyone.

Why do we like the night sky?

Astronomy, as well as the endless space, ignites the curiosity we all possess. We like the idea of something unknown and the chance we get to find more about it. The human understanding of the universe changed throughout the past, from flat earth theory, over Earth as the center of universe theory to the latest scientifically proven principles. And still, we have only scratched the surface of a thing called the universe.

We seek knowledge, and that quest is never-ending. Space holds an infinite amount of mysteries, and it’s in our nature to try and understand them. Every discovery we make gives us more knowledge about space, and we won’t be satisfied until we find everything that there is to know about it.

Tree Silhouette Against Starry Night SkyThe fact that all we do is limited to a small amount of universe should depress us and push us away from space exploration, but the opposite is happening. The knowledge that whether we do is limited to such a small amount of a whole drives us forward, giving us strength to continue exploring, in hopes of finding new and unusual things.

The universe is immense and, even though it is mostly empty and cold, we find amazing things in that emptiness. The speed of everything that moves through space is extreme and yet we can observe it and acquire knowledge we didn’t have before.

Black holes are anomalies in space that “devour” everything, even light and still we are captivated by them. We seek them; we research them; we want to observe black holes and their “devouring.”

Universe is beautiful

universum_81414When you go out in the night and look up to the clear sky, you can see the beauty it has. Using small telescope will enhance the experience and using an enormous professional telescope will bring that to a whole new level. Every new picture that Hubble takes, as well as many drones we sent years ago, makes us appreciate the beauty of things we have never seen before. They also make us think about the vastness of the universe and the wonders it contains.

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